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Dignity and recognition for all work will be the basis of a fair and sustainable economy

*This post was was orginally published on the CLASS blog*

By Angela O'Hagan

As Frances O’Grady argues in the foreword to the CLASS publication “Election 2015: What’s at stake for work, pay and unions?” the forthcoming election is “a chance to reject a broken economic system”. That encapsulates the arguments from a feminist economics and feminist political analysis of the current economic system and the policy responses of the UK government that are increasingly harmful to women’s wellbeing and their economic and social autonomy.

Welcome to Scottish Women's Budget Group's new blog

We hope to use this space to share information about budgets and gender budgeting, our events and publications, and our semi-regular meetings. We're part of a vibrant women's sector in Scotland, and we'll be including voices from across the sector on women and the economy.

We also have members from a range of backgrounds: academics, activists, students, and women who work in related fields and in work that has nothing to do with gender or budgets. You will also hear from some of them.

We hope that you'll find this space useful and interesting.
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