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What’s wrong with childcare in Scotland? A summary

The Scottish Women’s Budget Group (SWBG) is hosting a series of events focusing on the need to further invest in childcare in Scotland. Last month, we hosted the first webinar, ‘What’s wrong with childcare In Scotland? Perspectives ahead of the Scottish Budget 2024/2025’.

Reaction to the Scottish Budget 2024/2025: Cuts to the Housing Portfolio

Our Engagement and Public Affairs Officer, Yve Barry, reflects on the recent cuts in the Scottish Budget 2024/25 Housing Portfolio and their gendered implications for women across the country. 

Reaction to the Scottish Budget 2024/2025

On Tuesday 19th December, the Deputy First Minister (DFM), Shona Robinson, published the Scottish Budget 2024/2025. As stated in our pre-budget briefing, we knew that this budget was coming at a time of increased pressure on public finances due to an estimated funding gap of over £1billion for the next financial year (Fraser of Allander, 2023). The Autumn Statement did not help ease budgetary pressures. Consequently, the Scottish Government had to make tough decisions to balance the books. What are these decisions and what do they mean for women and gender equality in Scotland?  

Invest to prevent VAWG

Blog by Robyn Moffat-Wall, Training and Engagement Officer at Financially Included & Heather Williams, SWBG's Training Lead about women's experiences of public sector debt.

Reaction to the Autumn Statement

Our Training Lead, Heather Williams, reflects on yesterday's budget announcements.

What SWBG would like to see in the Autumn Statement

In times of insecurity and increasing levels of poverty and destitution (JRF 2023), comments about what may be included in the Chancellor’s statement leave little room to aspire to (Binns, 2023). While many issues remain devolved, public spending and tax issues as well as block grants, have a great impact on Scotland. This blog will detail what we’d like to see in the upcoming statement, especially in relation to advancing gender equality across the UK.

Can we achieve equality, provide opportunity, and create community by freezing Council Tax? 

Our Coordinator, Carmen Martinez, reflects on the gendered implications of the First Minister's recent announcement about freezing Council Tax.

Childcare Survey 2023 Launch

Our Coordinator, Carmen Martinez, discusses the launch of our Childcare Survey 2023.

Budgeting for equality, opportunity and community: the SWBG's asks for the Programme for Government

Our Coordinator, Carmen Martinez, reflects on how the Programme for Government 2023 to 2024 could work for women in Scotland.

Women's Budget Groups in Glasgow

Last month, the four Women’s Budget Groups (WBGs) from Wales, Scotland, UK and Northern Ireland travelled to Glasgow Caledonian University to participate in a two-day workshop on gender budgeting. Organised by Dr Angela O’Hagan, of the Scottish Women’s Budget Group and Glasgow Caledonian University, the workshop represented the first opportunity for all of the Women’s Budget Groups to meet in person and share updates on the current state of play within our respective nations. As well as advancing our collective gender budgeting agenda, we also discussed how to further bolster our cross-nation working, including expanding onto a 5-Nation basis by incorporating colleagues from the Republic of Ireland. Through fruitful and stimulating conversations, we were able to identify commonalities and nation-specific differences in the gender budgeting context, as well as develop a number of exciting plans for our upcoming collective endeavours.

Women's Survey 2023 Findings

Earlier this year we launched our Women’s Survey 2023 to find out more about women’s experiences of the cost-of-living crisis, transport and housing in Scotland.

Priorities for the new First Minister in building a gender equal economy

With many reflecting on the challenges ahead for Scotland’s new First Minister, this blog shares some of SWBG’s priorities for building a gender equal economy in Scotland.

Women's Survey 2023 Launch

We have just launched our Women’s Survey 2023!

The question should not be “what is the cost of creating transformation?” but rather “what is the cost of not doing so?”

Guest blog by Fiona Collie, Carers Scotland

What do we want to see for ourselves and loved ones? To be nurtured, to have friendships and connections, to enjoy our lives and the ability to fulfil aspirations.

Scottish Government must double investment in adult social care support to drive transformative change and create up to 75,000 new jobs

Today the Scottish Women’s Budget Group launched new research calling for the Scottish Government to significantly ramp up its investment in the nation’s adult social care support services.

Women, Work and Wealth in Scotland's changing economy 2022 - Guest blog by Carmen Martinez

Last month, the Scottish Women’s Budget Group launched its latest analysis of women, work, and wealth in Scotland.

Responding to the Draft Budget 2023-24

This blog shares our first look review of the draft Scottish Budget 2023-24 and connected Equality and Fairer Scotland Budget Statement and what it means for women, particularly those on the lowest incomes.

SWBG Budget Response - Emergency Budget Review 2022

Written by Sara Cowan, Coordinator and Yve Barry, Engagement Officer at Scottish Women's Budget Group

The cost-of-living crisis doesn't impact us equally

By Yve Barry, Engagement Officer at Scottish Women's Budget Group

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