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Equalities, women and cuts to public services

Apr 15

Women and active travel: lessons from our work with Sustrans

Apr 10

Women's Survey 2024 Launch

Mar 11

The cost of funding tax giveaways. Reflections ahead of the UK Spring Budget 2024

Mar 4

What’s wrong with childcare in Scotland? A summary

Feb 1

Reaction to the Scottish Budget 2024/2025: Cuts to the Housing Portfolio

Jan 18

Reaction to the Scottish Budget 2024/2025

Jan 8

Invest to prevent VAWG

Dec 4

Reaction to the Autumn Statement

Nov 23

What SWBG would like to see in the Autumn Statement

Nov 21

Can we achieve equality, provide opportunity, and create community by freezing Council Tax? 

Oct 19

Childcare Survey 2023 Launch

Aug 17

Building a better Scotland requires a Feminist Just Transition

Aug 3

Budgeting for equality, opportunity and community: the SWBG's asks for the Programme for Government

Aug 1

Women's Budget Groups in Glasgow

Jul 18

Women's Survey 2023 Findings

Jul 13

Priorities for the new First Minister in building a gender equal economy

Mar 30

Women's Survey 2023 Launch

Mar 2

The question should not be “what is the cost of creating transformation?” but rather “what is the cost of not doing so?”

Feb 16

Scottish Government must double investment in adult social care support to drive transformative change and create up to 75,000 new jobs

Jan 31

Women, Work and Wealth in Scotland's changing economy 2022 - Guest blog by Carmen Martinez

Jan 17

Responding to the Draft Budget 2023-24

Dec 16

SWBG Budget Response - Emergency Budget Review 2022

Nov 8

The cost-of-living crisis doesn't impact us equally

Oct 4

We need a gender transformative budget in tackling the current crises

Sep 7

Social infrastructure is the keystone to a healthier, happier, greener and more productive Scotland - STUC/SWBG

Jul 28

Experiencing a disability premium - experiences shared in our women's survey

Jun 28

Scottish Women's Budget Group responding to the Resource Spending Review

Jun 14

Women's experiences of childcare shared through our survey

Jun 8

SWBG Women's Survey results are in

May 17

5 principles to drive local action for a gender equal economy

Apr 19

Responding to the Spring Statement

Mar 25

8 Priorities for a Feminist Economy in 2022

Jan 31

Reaction to the Draft Budget 2022-23

Dec 10

Why women's voices need to be part of the budget process

Aug 6

Producing the Living Gender History Podcast

Jul 20

6 challenges to embrace in building a caring, green recovery

Apr 13

Time to up the ambition for a green care led recovery

Mar 9

My top three highlights of SWBG’s training webinar ‘Introduction to Gender Budgeting’

Feb 9

Reaction to the Scottish Budget 2021/22

Jan 29

A covid recovery budget that works for women

Jan 26

It's time to hear from you

Jan 8

Reflections and reading recommendations from 2020

Dec 29

New developments at the Scottish Women's Budget Group

Oct 28

SWBG is hiring! Could you be our Co-ordinator?

Jul 9

Why gender budgeting matters

May 8

SWBG's 2017

Jan 16

So what is the Scottish Budget anyway?

Dec 15

Equality must be at the heart of Scotland’s budget

Dec 14

She works hard for the money

Jun 30

Dignity and recognition for all work will be the basis of a fair and sustainable economy

Feb 20

Welcome to Scottish Women's Budget Group's new blog

Oct 24

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