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Parliamentary Briefing. Addressing Child Poverty through Parental Employment

Mar 13

National Care Service (Scotland) Bill – stage 1 debate

Feb 28

Briefing: Investing in Scotland's Green Economy

Jan 24

Analysis of Scottish Budget 24-25

Jan 24

Annual Reports and Accounts For the year ended 31 March 2023

Dec 12

'The Cost of Living Crisis - I think about it all the time!'

Dec 10

Pre-Budget Briefing

Dec 8

Policy Briefing: Childcare Survey 2023

Nov 15

SWBG & GDA Briefing Paper

Nov 13

A Human Rights Bill for Scotland Consultation

Oct 11

Women's Survey 2023 - Women's experiences of housing and its cost

Sep 4

Women's Survey 2023 - Rural Briefing

Aug 10

Women's Survey 2023 - Women's experiences of travel and its cost

Aug 8

Feminist Just Transition Discussion Paper

Jul 27

Women's Survey 2023 - Experiences of rising costs across Scotland

Jul 6

Local Authority Budget Briefing

Jun 21

Review of National Outcomes: Call for Evidence - SWBG Response

Jun 20

Just Transition Energy Strategy SWBG Response

Jun 20

Community Wealth Building Bill Consultation - SWBG response

Jun 15

Letter to SNP Leadership Candidates to go further on gender equality

Mar 8

Towards a transformative universal adult social care support service for Scotland

Jan 31

Women, Work and Wealth in Scotland's changing economy 2022

Dec 19

SWBG Pre-Budget Briefing 2022

Dec 13

Trustees' Report and Annual Accounts - for year ended 31 March 2022

Dec 1

'It's hard work being poor' Women's Experience of the Cost-of-Living Crisis in Scotland

Nov 16

Letter to John Swinney MSP - Gender Budget Analysis in Budgetary Reviews

Oct 13

Women's experience of the cost-of-living crisis - Research briefing October 2022

Oct 4

Equality, Human Rights & Civil Justice Committee Pre-Budget Scrutiny Submission 2022

Sep 14

Finance and Public Administration Pre-Budget Scruting - SWBG response

Aug 30

Women's Survey Results Report - respondents with a disability

Jun 28

SWBG Local Spending and Women's Equality

Jun 2

SWBG Women's Survey Results

May 17

Local Spending and Women's Equality - pre-election report

Apr 19

Women's Voices Flyer

Jan 28

SWBG Response to the draft Budget 2022-23

Jan 17

SWBG Pre-Budget Briefing paper December 2021

Dec 6

SWBG National Care Service Consultation Response

Nov 2

SWBG Response to Tax Policy and the Budget consultation

Oct 29

SWBG Trustees Report 2020-21

Oct 6

Response to Equality, Human Rights, Civil Justice Committee pre-budget scrutiny

Sep 24

Submission to Advisory Council on Development of the National Strategy on Economic Transformation

Sep 3

Response to Finance and Public Administration Committees Pre-budget Scrutiny

Aug 13

Gender Responsive Budgeting - Local Government Elected Member Briefing

Jun 18

SWBG Challenges for 2021 and Beyond

Apr 30

SWBG Pre-budget Parliamentary Briefing

Jan 26

SWBG submission to Social Security Committee Inquiry on the role of Scottish Social Security in Covid-19 recovery

Oct 28

SWBG submission to Equalities and Human Rights Committee Pre-Budget Scrutiny 2021-22

Oct 28

Engender's 'gender edit' of Scottish Government Draft Budget 2018-19

Mar 22

Seven Principles for a Gender-Competent Scottish National Investment Bank

Jan 16

Draft Budget and Equality Budget Statement 2018-19 Initial response from Scottish Women’s Budget Group

Jan 11

New research shows that poverty, ethnicity and gender magnify the impact of austerity on BME women

Nov 29

What can gender budgeting achieve

Jun 30

Why feminists should care about Gender Budgeting

Jun 30

SWBG response to the Scottish Draft Budget and Equality Budget Statement 2016-17

Jan 26

Resolution on Greece signed by feminist economists

Aug 6

Resolution on Greece signed by feminist economists

Jul 29

Working towards economic progress for women

Mar 30

George don’t fritter money away on pre-election give-aways, spend it on carers, teachers and homes instead

Mar 17

Plan F: A feminist economic strategy

Mar 8

SWBG response to the Scottish Government Draft Budget and Equality Budget Statement 2015-16

Dec 9

SWBG statement to the Smith Commission

Oct 24

SWBG comments to EBAG: Taxation

Oct 24

SWBG comments to EBAG: Revenue Scotland

Oct 24

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