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What we do

Our mission is to promote equality through gender budgeting to build a fairer and more equal Scotland. We are a campaigning, research and training group that believes in greater equality for women and men in Scotland.

Women and men use public services differently, and there is a great variety of experiences between women – we have different life experiences and face different economic realities and challenges. Women are often disadvantaged by policies that do not recognise these different experiences.


The change we want to see

  • An economy that works for women
  • Public spending decisions that recognise the different challenges faced by women and men
  • Investment in social infrastructure, like care services
  • A caring social security system

We hope that by working with women, communities, statutory and voluntary agencies, trades unions and other partners – including government – we can make public spending more effective and responsive to the lives of women in Scotland.

How we do this

  • Robust policy analysis to influence the people making policy
  • Comprehensive training to show how public spending can be made more effective and responsive to the lives of women in Scotland
  • Supporting women’s groups with local campaign efforts on public spending issues
  • Conduct, support and share research to help build a gender equal economy

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