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New developments at the Scottish Women's Budget Group

We have some exciting news to share from the Scottish Women’s Budget Group. We are now officially set up as a charity and have received a small amount of funding to help develop and grow the work of SWBG. This brings us into a new phase of development and growth for the group. Our aim is to continue to produce robust analysis to influence policy as Scotland starts its journey of recovery from Covid-19 and build on our long-standing approach of building knowledge and application of feminist economics analysis by offering training and creating accessible resources for our membership and beyond.

To help make this happen we need to hear from you!

Please take this quick survey to share your views on training from the Scottish Women’s Budget Group.

As Scotland builds its response and recovery to the Covid-19 pandemic let’s ensure we build a gender equal economy, a caring economy for all. Working together across communities in Scotland analysing proposals at local and national government all our voices are needed to make the case for change. As a first step to help make this happen we’d like to know the type of training you, or groups you work with, would be interested in to engage more with the decision-making process. Please take our quick survey so we can build our programme for our members.

As part of a UK wide project, the Commission on a Gender Equal Economy, we are pleased to share the recent report Creating a Caring Economy: A Call to Action. This call to action is going to take all of us to push forward a different vision, that puts gender equality, wellbeing and sustainability at the heart of building an economy that works for people and planet. You can watch back the fantastic launch event of the report, including our own Angela O’Hagan sharing her thoughts on the particular connections to work in Scotland, watch back here.

We’d also love to hear from you if there are others ways you’d like to get involved with the work of the Scottish Women’s Budget Group or to book a briefing event.

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