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Reaction to the Scottish Budget 2024/2025

On Tuesday 19th December, the Deputy First Minister (DFM), Shona Robinson, published the Scottish Budget 2024/2025. As stated in our pre-budget briefing, we knew that this budget was coming at a time of increased pressure on public finances due to an estimated funding gap of over £1billion for the next financial year (Fraser of Allander, 2023). The Autumn Statement did not help ease budgetary pressures. Consequently, the Scottish Government had to make tough decisions to balance the books. What are these decisions and what do they mean for women and gender equality in Scotland?  

Women's experiences of childcare shared through our survey

This is the second blog in our series by Heather Williams looking at what women told us earlier this year when we conducted a survey to find out more about their local public spending priorities, impact of the cost of living crisis and experiences of child and social care.

Responding to the Spring Statement

Blog by Heather Williams, SWBG Training Lead

Why gender budgeting matters

This month, the convener of the Scottish Women's Budget Group, Angela O'Hagan, appeared on the Scottish feminist policy podcast On The Engender to talk about gender budgeting. The podcast also features voices from SWBG members talking about why they are part of the group.

Equality must be at the heart of Scotland’s budget

In advance of the release of the Draft Scottish Budget, the Scottish Women’s Budget Group is calling for care to be included in the Scottish Government’s planned investment in infrastructure.

She works hard for the money

On Tuesday 7th June, the Scottish Women's Budget Group joined forces with Engender and Close the Gap to hold an event looking at gender budgeting.

Welcome to Scottish Women's Budget Group's new blog

We hope to use this space to share information about budgets and gender budgeting, our events and publications, and our semi-regular meetings. We're part of a vibrant women's sector in Scotland, and we'll be including voices from across the sector on women and the economy.

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